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Health & Beauty

Enter a world of sensorial peace within the framework of our millenary farmhouse. 

Enjoy a massage to increase the disconnection during your stay in La Vella Farga.

Please book your massage before arrival to guarantee availability.


Relaxing Spa
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  • Chiromassage

    A practice that consists in manipulating, without any use of mechanical or electrical devices, the white tissues of our body (ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves...). Applied properly and with knowledge, it is very effective to correct disorders both muscular and articular, as well as to improve the health and the prevention of the disease.

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  • Natural anti stress massage

    Relaxing massage that acts on the nervous system through the pressures and massage therapy, creating the necessary conditions to restore internal and physical balance.

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  • Personalized gymnastics

    For all those who want or need their own gymnastics training, due to problems of tension and muscle tone, lack of elasticity and mobility, excess joint pressure and, generally, good body maintenance.

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  • Foot Reflexology

    It is a therapeutic technique that acts on the reflex zones of the foot to treat the body in a global way, tonifying the functions that are weakened and sedating the ones that are hyperactive. It acts by balancing the body, being able to work with all its systems.

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  • Harmonious massage with essential oils

    Massage with the help of hot essences and oils where subtle but substantial incision is made in deep relaxation.

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  • Pilates and functional control

    For people of any age, gender and physical condition who seek to correct problems caused by postural imbalances or injuries and who want to improve their health.

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  • Manual lymph drainage

    It is a method of manual massage for the treatment of cellulite that applies very precise movements on the connective tissue, to get reabsorbed into the lymphatic system the filtrates that have not been able to pass to the venous system. Help in weight loss cures, dermatological disorders, disorders of the digestive system, neurovegetative disorders, etc...

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  • Sensory exotic massage

    Massage done on the floor, with pressures and gentle joint mobilizations to decompress fascias and release blockages.

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